When to Euthanize a dog with Hemangiosarcoma

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When to Euthanize a dog with Hemangiosarcoma

Pets bring happiness in our life, they become our best friends. But the life span of our pets are shorter than us humans, dogs usually live for 10-13 years only.

There are a lot of times when our pets become our emotional support and even our best friends, they devote themselves to their owners. But their life is shorter then we expect and want it to be.

Euthanizing your dog with Hemangiosarcoma may look like it is the easiest thing there could be, but this process is not as easy as we think it is. Preparing your self about euthanizing your dog, the one who came to you as a baby, and who was there for you and you made good memories with him is not an easy task.

You must consult your dog with a vet doctor before any further proceedings.

What is Hemangiosarcoma? 

Hemangiosarcoma is cancer in blood vessels, and it is very hostile. As blood flows into the heart, liver, etc. this cancer reach there as well. Mass of these organs burst at any time.

Sometimes Hemangiosarcoma is genetic breeds like German Shepherd, Golden retriever, and Labrador is most likely to get Hemangiosarcoma.

This usually happens when your dog is exposed to certain cancer-causing substances namely carcinogens like chlorides, tobacco, etc. This will cause an immeasurable amount of pain to your little one and he will suffer from a lot of consequences.

Your dog will hardly survive this brutal disease with surgery therapies and medication for a year.

What are the types of Hemangiosarcoma? 

Hemangiosarcoma is usually found in three types.

1) Visceral: This affects the heart, causes tumors and bleeding. Its growth can burst the heart of your dog.

2) Dermal: This affects the skin, bruises, and spots can be seen. This can be removed by surgery.

3) Subcutaneous: It affects the inner parts of the skin and affects inner organs as well, it is crucial.

What are the symptoms of Hemangiosarcoma? 

• You will find a loss in his appetite and noticeable weight loss.
• Your dog will be lethargic and lazy.
• You will find his skin to be bruised.
• You might notice him panting heavily.
• You will see his gums getting pale.
• He may get diarrhea which will further cause vomiting.

When to euthanize a dog with Hemangiosarcoma?

If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your dog, chances are that he might be suffering from Hemangiosarcoma.

You should take your dog straight to a vet clinic if he has been bleeding, has had seizures, or if he has been diarrhoeic (causing him to vomit).

Chemotherapy can help control the situation for some time, but there is no such cure to rescue your dog from this fatal disease of Hemangiosarcoma. Even after surgery and chemotherapy, your dog doesn’t have a chance to live more than eight or nine months.

How to euthanize a dog with Hemangiosarcoma?

He will be in a lot of pain and trauma, and it will be wise to make him go to sleep peacefully, and within pain, your last option will be Euthanizing him.

In this function, all you need is two injections- the first injection would be to make your dog fall asleep, the second one has an anesthetic chemical while will stop its heartbeat, and he will be at peace.

It is the only option to help your dog. No animal deserves to go through all that pain. Moreover, it will be a quick and easy death for your dog, better than the painful one.

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