Can Dogs eat Tortillas?

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Can Dogs eat Tortillas

Amongst all the food items your dog loves to have, if you feed him tortillas, then this article is just for you.

Tortillas are rich in carbohydrates and have high amounts of calories.

Moreover, it can quickly increase the number of fat in your dog’s body as they do not digest the food in the same way that we do.

Feeding tortillas to your dog may not be too unhealthy for him. Still, it cannot be considered a healthy diet either, for tortillas would mean a minimum nutritious quality to your dog.

Which type of tortilla is better for Dogs?

There can be two types of tortillas:

● Processed tortillas: It can harm your dog; it has certain preservatives that humans are likely to digest, but dogs certainly cannot.

Also, they have high salt capacities, and these processed tortillas also have high calories, which can later result in many digestive and health problems.

● Homemade tortillas: On the other hand, homemade tortillas are better for your dog’s consumption. But you should not feed your dog with homemade tortillas regularly as it gets difficult for dogs to digest it.

Can Dogs eat Corn Tortillas?

Corn tortillas are although better than grain ones, but they are still not the best choice for your dog. Your dog can ingest it like any other food item, but digestion of corn tortillas is quite a big deal for dogs, so if you were to ask can dogs have corn tortillas or not, the clue is no, they can not.

Outcomes of feeding Tortillas to your Dog:

Tortillas are rich carbohydrates and have high calories. Tortillas are not at all healthy for your dog as they provide the least nutritious values to your dog.

If you feed tortillas to your dogs regularly:

● It may heighten your dog’s risk of developing obesity.
● It can increase the risk of catching diseases like diabetes.
● It can increase heart problems.
● As dogs have a delicate digestive system, it can lead to diarrhea.
● It can cause stomach ache.

If you are feeding tortillas to your dog, it is recommended that you don’t offer more than two tortillas to him as it may heighten the risk of health issues and cause damage to your dog’s digestive system.

Avoid giving Tortillas to your Dog:

Most of the time, dogs are allergic to gluten. And wheat, or corn, is difficult to digest by dogs as well.

That is why it is highly advisable to avoid feeding tortillas to your dog regularly.

Also, if your dog is allergic to gluten, you should not give him any bread-related product to eat as this might have reactions and make him nauseous.

Can Dogs eat Tortilla Chips?

Tortilla chips are just as bad as tortillas for dogs. It also contains a lot of salt, which can increase your dog’s thirst.

Tortilla chips can also cause some kidney-related problems, which is why you should resist feeding your dogs with tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips are fried, which means they have a lot of fat and oil in them. They are not a healthy choice of food for your dog.

Can Dogs eat Corn Chips?

Corn chips are also not suitable for your dog’s health. Corn chips have sodium content.

Corn chips sometimes also include seasonings for flavor, and additives, which are not beneficial to consume for dogs.

Corn chips might also have garlic powder or onion or ginger for taste; this can upset your dog’s abdomen.

Why are Tortillas not healthy for Dogs?

Tortillas are not exceptionally unhealthy or toxic for dogs, but they are not active either.

They have meager nourishing value and can quickly increase fats in the body of dogs, which can cause obesity later.

They cannot be digested easily as dogs have a very delicate digestive system, and hence tortillas are not healthy for dogs.

Feeding tortillas can upset your dog’s stomach as well, and that is why it is advised that you avoid feeding tortillas to your dog.

What else if not Tortillas?

Your dogs must love eating crunchy food, right? But there are snacks other than tortillas, which will be better for your dog’s stomach and health.

You can replace tortillas with bread for your dog, and they will be as happy as they were.

Just make sure that your dog has no gluten issues, other than that dogs love to ingest bread.

Other than this, if you feed tortilla chips to your dog, you should try different biscuits instead. There are different varieties of crackers customized for dogs available in the market.

You can also stream dog food recipes online, and you can prepare a homemade feast for your dog to keep him happy and healthy.

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