All those individuals who are thinking of adding a pet to their families must be aware of the basic necessities of the pet they are opting for. Most of the individuals with children in the house often select puppies as their pets. This is an exciting time for families as it means spending endless time […]

Rather than focusing on brands, we are going to focus on what a vacuum cleaner needs to include if you are going to use it for pet hair. As you will quickly learn, all vacuum cleaner designs are far from equal. If you choose the wrong one for pet hair, you might as well throw […]

Normal vacuum cleaners are not made for pet hair.  Period.  Fido’s fine coat can ruin a vacuum cleaner quicker than a room full of bowling balls – we never understood why this was shown as a selling point for vacuum cleaners!  If you have pets and want a clean house as well as a fully […]

There are certain illnesses which specific breeds of dogs are susceptible in getting. So, before you choose a breed of dog for your family, be sure to have a good look at what potential illnesses you may be facing with your dog. This will help you to consider if insurance is required and which of […]

While dog insurance is not a compulsory aspect of pet ownership, pet owners are well-advised to secure the coverage for their beloved animals with a pet insurance policy for several reasons. Some debate still rages as to whether dog insurance is worth the investment, but many Australian dog owners agree that it is. Keep in mind that […]

It is a popular saying that dogs are man’s best friends but believe it or not, you need to train these creatures before they can actually become your best buddies. Just like many pets, dogs are very adorable but if there is communication gap between you and your dog it will become very tough to […]