Is Raw Dog Food Safe? – New Explosive Study

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is raw dog food safe

In the realm of pet nutrition, the discourse around raw dog food safety continues to ignite passionate debates. Detractors assert the absence of concrete scientific evidence, fostering hesitancy among pet owners regarding its efficacy. Nonetheless, contemporary studies endeavor to demystify this contentious issue and furnish consumers with essential perspectives on the safety of raw dog food.

Raw Proof: A Paradigm Shift

The emergence of a groundbreaking research paper titled “Raw Proof” marks a significant turning point. This study sets out to address two crucial questions:

  1. Can a species-appropriate diet, commonly known as raw dog food, meet the highest nutritional standards defined by the FIDIAF?
  2. Is such a diet nutritionally adequate for dogs over an extended period, as per the rigorous standards set by AFCO?

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After a meticulous 24-week investigation, the results speak volumes. By mimicking the natural prey composition, with approximately 80% lean meat, 10% offal (5% liver), and 10% bone, the study mirrors the dietary requirements of dogs in the wild.

Rigorous Methodology:

To ensure scientific validity, the research adhered to strict protocols. All participating dogs underwent thorough physical examinations by veterinarians. Any deviations from optimal health were closely monitored, reflecting the commitment to accuracy and transparency.

Diving into the Diet:

During the trial, dogs were fed five distinct recipes, including prime beef, tender lamb, free-range chicken, wild rabbit, and chicken without vegetables. Each recipe prioritized high-quality ingredients, emphasizing the importance of nutritionally balanced formulations.

Key Findings:

Despite initial skepticism, the research yielded compelling results. All 23 dogs maintained their weight and exhibited robust health throughout the trial period. The conclusion is clear: a properly formulated raw food diet can indeed fulfill an adult dog’s nutritional needs.

It’s essential to acknowledge the integrity of the study’s authors. Led by Jonathan Self, founder of Honey’s Real Dog Food, and supported by renowned experts in raw dog food nutrition, the research remains unbiased and independent.

Addressing Concerns:

While the study offers reassurance to raw feeding enthusiasts, it’s vital to acknowledge potential drawbacks. As with any dietary choice, there are considerations to weigh, ensuring the overall well-being of our beloved pets.


In conclusion, the debate surrounding raw dog food is evolving. Thanks to rigorous research and unwavering dedication, pet owners can make informed decisions about their furry companions’ diets. While challenges persist, the promise of safe and nutritious raw feeding is within reach.

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