How to Euthanize a Dog with Tylenol pm

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How to Euthanize a Dog with Tylenol pm

The life expansion of pets is less as compared with us. But this shorter life expansion of our pets still gives us loads of memories to cherish upon.

Dogs care about us, love to play with us all the time, but the memories with them are quite short.

Euthanizing a pet is not an easy task as you may think of. You have to prepare your mind and take the decision of euthanizing a dog. One of the most popular medicine to euthanize your dog is Tylenol pm. Below is the complete guide on how to euthanize a dog with Tylenol pm.

Before proceeding with it, I would like you to say that you should first consult a Vet doctor to get the complete checkup of your dog. Because a single mistake from your end can put your dog in more pain before its death.

You can even take any well-known vet doctor consultation on call. He will guide you with the best possible dosage on the basis of your dog’s condition. Clear all your doubts before you initiate the process of dog euthanization.

What is Tylenol PM?

Tylenol PM is a combination of the two drugs – Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine.

Acetaminophen is considered as a pain reliever and reducing fever.

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that helps in the reduction of body chemical histamine.

Tylenol PM is a collective combination of the two and is used in treating watery eyes, pain, headache, etc.

Its overconsumption can lead to liver failure and even death.

How to Euthanize a Dog with Tylenol pm

Increasing the dosage of Tylenol PM can eventually lead to your dog’s death. Follow the below-mentioned guide on how to euthanize a dog with Tylenol pm.

  1. Feed your dog with its favorite food. Chances are that he will either not eat or eat very less. Don’t worry its obvious.
  2. Take about 5-6 tablets of Tylenol PM and mix it in water or milk.
  3.  Make your dog drink this mixture slowly.
  4. Now just let your dog relax. His heartbeat will slow down gradually and lead to his death.

So by following the above simple steps, you have easily euthanized your dog.

What to do if you don’t want to euthanize your dog? 😔

In case you don’t want to do this heart crying task for your pet. You can take him to your nearest vet doctor. A vet doctor knows better how to euthanize a dog and has experience in doing this. So it is better that you get it done from his end.

Points to check before deciding your dog’s vet doctor.

So by now, if you have made your mind to take your dog to a vet doctor for euthanization, then you must check below points first before visiting a vet doctor to get your dog euthanized.

  1. Make sure to visit an experienced vet doctor. As an experienced one can get your dog’s life back if possible rather than just starting your dog’s euthanization process.
  2. Depending upon your dog’s condition, he can even suggest some other medicine, which can work better than Tylenol pm.

Signs that tell your dog needs euthanization

Your dog will show some symptoms that depicts that he is close to death now.

If you plan to euthanize your dog at home it is necessary to make a Vet examine your pet for death declaration.

Wrapping Up

You are the owner of your dog, so it’s you who can decide what is best for your dog. Take your time in making the decision of euthanizing your dog. This whole process is full of pain but you have to go with it for your pet. Euthanization is done to relieve your dog when there is no other way to keep your dog alive.

Show your last love to your dog 💟 and get him euthanized. Peace. 🙂

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